weeks 231-232

I spent the majority of two weeks ago taking apart two bits of lace wearables, one was a white jacket I bought at Kmart, that was never worn because it’s uncomfortably oversized, and the other was a brown lace bolero jacket I made but worn only once. Not sure what to do with them but they will find themselves into something else. That and watching episodes of Brilliant Ideas on YouTube, which has been become a recent obsession of mine. I’m on a mission to watch every single episode that has been released, which so far has run 74 different profiles on artists across every spectrum. I’m irritated they repeated Kader Attia’s episode as the DVR recorded it six times.  I have no idea if they’ve done an episode on my favourite artist, Annette Messager.

Hence nothing to post.

(I didn’t have a chance to take these in proper light, so the colours are a bit off.)

I’m slowly getting back into sewing but have been quite lazy.

One such project is wanting to finally use up the metal frame for a purse.

metal purse frame, fabric and making a purse pattern

The black fabric will be the exterior while the tree one will be the interior.

I’ve also decided I want to make a jacket pattern that can be easily converted into a coat pattern, although it would amuse me to make a coat that can convert into a jacket, and back again, with a hidden zipper to attach or remove at will.

And, yes, that dress ought to be done by my birthday. At least, that’s my aim.


I started a couple things over the weekend.

Decided to finally make something for Dylan to wear. Especially after that trying to make him a vest fail.

Did I measure him right? No. I went by a sweatshirt he wears and it’s wider in the shoulder width than necessary which is fine.

parts of a sweater meant for Dylan


Was sitting in the car and casting on but didn’t like it, so frogged the yarn again and started doing this. I’m using two strands at a time and it’s coming out nice. The stitches aren’t as noticeable but eh.

I started with 100 stitches, then hdc/htc the second row, then two rows where I put a ch space in the 20, 40, 50, 51, 60, 80/hdc/htc in the rest, then ch row, then will repeat the last three rows, until the last two rows.

using the frogged pink yarn for a blanket


I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, but have been wanting to turn the few pages of graph paper, that are loose, into a book to carry around in my purse, so when ideas hit, I can use it to sketch something out. It’s 98 pages mostly separated by tens, and folded in halves.

graph paper and tools to be used




week 230

Bit of a slow week.

Finally decided what to do with most of the yarn in the bucket under my desk. Would it be weird to be turned into another blanket, except in attached blocks, when it was originally a blanket? Some yarns get reused endlessly and some become one thing and never change.

I could add the pink yarn but something in me wants to use that yarn for something else.

(I didn’t change my comforter. I slept with two comforters last night.)


various coloured crochet blocks


It took several attempts but you can use fingering yarn in a hoop.

Actually tempted to use a piece of frame to use as a hoop at some point, because not all projects want to be in circular shape.

I originally made the circle too big but removed quite a bit then it became this.

It moved from another hoop when the top wouldn’t close, so had to fashion a closure with a bent paperclip.

yarn in embroidery hoop with extra yarn

And, in case you wanted to see what my first attempt at a circle looked like. No matter what size hook, if I add too many rows, it just ruffles.

ruffled yarn circle



(There’s an idea brewing in my head for a certain someone, because our birthdays are early April. After mild discussion with a mutual friend of ours, I know what path to take. Can’t really discuss too much about it because he reads this blog. I need to research the tools needed to make it happen. Hope the end result pleases him immensely. All I will say about it is….nothing. You’re not getting any hints.)

week 229

I’m just being completely lazy about everything.

Especially the striped pullover.

Because this is how far I’ve gotten.

Just added the first row of the second brown stripe.

starting on the second brown stripe


I thought it would be fun to get a bunch of blank canvas boards and small bits of red and pink paint and see what my kid and I could come up with. He wasn’t interested even though I know he’s painted stuff in class, because I’ve had a lot of moments where I try to scrub him clean several times and he still has paint or marker on his hands.

I only did this just to see what the paint looks like. It will make a nice background for something but no idea what to layer over it.

layered waves with pink and red paint mixed with white

(And the resulting paint palette)

palette on the left of the canvas board


Used up one thread for the embroidery project. I’m not sure what it will look like in front but I plan on layering all the greys on that side. Probably should change to the bigger hoop.

back of embroidery with one thread starnd used up


I am making a small rug using up that yarn that I wanted to make a vest for Dylan, but it didn’t turn out. This is the first layer of the rug, as I plan on attaching to the top of it.

(By the way, this is the cleanest my rug has been in weeks, because various projects have been worked on there. Sunday, I had several things there.)

second rug with bottom right corner turned up, mat attached to the bottom


All the leftover purple yarns (there may be more in the closet) will be knit into something, not sure what at this point.

various purple yarns to be knit


week 228

Various projects came into my hands and attention span.

Started on knitting a few rows of the next colour of this pullover.

Except when I rewound the green, I did it in reverse, so pulling from the middle, resulted in the yarn looking lighter, but it’s the same yarn and the variation will make it look nice.

So, this might give you an idea of the stripe order.

adding green stripe to striped top


Embroidery has always eluded me.

For a while, I’ve had several bits of embroidery thread and just couldn’t find someone to give them away to, so finally making some use of them. I separated them into colours and decided to use the greys, greens and lavenders in this project. I think purple and green together is one of the worst combinations but piling them together

This is what the back looks like as of this morning. I’m using up all the thread instead of just a bit of it.

The thing about embroidery is it’s one of those things you need a basic plan and most everything I do includes a brief sketch of some inkling in my head, which is usually not the end result, but this is one of the rare times where I just make random stitches and see what will happen. This is just an experiment, and the process will prove as a useful lesson in whether it’s something I want to pursue further.

Also, I bought a water-soluble chalk pencil in case.

By the way, as an experiment, I made a circle from yarn and tried to put that in another hoop and it would not fit. I did weave some yarn into it but took it out not long afterwards. I’m sure if you use fingering or laceweight it could fit into a hoop. Crafting should be fun and I like to mix things up, and want to work on two or more craft skills at once.

messy back of embroidery project

I have a limited palette of acrylic paint and was bored.

I changed up the girl’s lips but the changing her lips from a dark to a light blue didn’t look right, as I kept making her mouth bigger and bigger.

painting after changing a few things

I should have kept her highlights the same and her skintone was perfect the first time around. I went nuts with the white paint and she looks odd now.

The one on the right took way less time. I literally painted once, made dinner for my son and myself then came back and added another layer. Added a few dots of bronze marker.

paintings- altered portrait and beach waves

I finally attached a rug mat to the bottom of the rug I had made a while ago.

after rug mat is attached

And, I’m not sure what to put over the edge to cover the raw bits of mat.

up close of rug backing, post attaching

weeks 226-227

Sometimes you have those weeks, where you have no patience for much and just spend inordinate amount of time fixing tangled up yarn.

Let’s compare.

knitpicks laceweight yarn

I’ve been slowly untangling this on and off since last year. Laceweight yarn is a pain in the ass to work with, on its own. I want to use bits for a garland so doesn’t phase me that it’s being cut into smaller pieces instead of just dealing with it as a whole.

I spent most of two weeks ago doing this and would quickly get bored. It still looks like that, in the picture.

several yarns , frogged and fixed

I took apart the pink sweater I never wore, which is hiding under the white yarn on the left, and also had other leftover yarn sitting in my closet. It took two days to turn all of the yarn into balls.

yarn from one rug taken apart and turned into balls

The circular rug I made was taken apart and turned into balls in less than a day.


Progress on House 3. I finished the main body but need to make the roof and windows for it, then put it all together, after putting in a pillow insert.

half of house 3


I’ve got it in my head that I want to teach myself how to cable knit. My stubbornness made me use this yarn over and over again. I have no idea what time I am on, probably sixth.

Originally, I was going to make blocks. Switching sides every eleventh row. Of course, when you’re not careful, you mess up your count stitch.

first try with knitting and purling, pre-cable

I have never charted anything before and instead of just writing down my notes, I put it in visual context. Of course, I’m not using dots and such, but using K, P, and cable.

By the way, I didn’t realise you only work on the front, for cables, and was doing it on the back and front, which resulted in just rows of raised stitches. YouTube helped immensely and realised my mistake.

Hopefully this time, it will turn out the way I like.

nth time for knit and purl stitches, pre-cable

week 224-225

For some reason, I’ve not got as much done, as I’d prefer.

Just mainly focused on a couple things.

One of the striped pullovers.

stripes (going up): green, brown, grey, yellow, white

The yarns used:

Green – KnitPicks’s Chroma Worsted Yarn in New Leaf

Brown – Premier Yarn’s Deborah Norville Alpaca Dance in Beaver

Grey – The Yarn Collective Bloomsbury DK in Soot

Yellow – Cascade Yarn & Wool’s Cascade 220 Superwash Sport in 0877/Golden


White – Isaac Mizrahi® Craft™ Isaac’s Colorways Merino Blend in Ivory

I measured the first stripe wrong but it’s no big deal. Have to mirror on the back and put something on the hem all around. I plan to hit around 15 inches/38cm, then each row will be two inches/around 5cm each.


striped purple wrap or mini-blanket, one side folded over

Ignore the feet at the top of the bed. Was trying to get a picture without my son being in frame and it was either the top of his head or his shoes. Three yarns and I had started it with one stitch and just went in random mode, using three yarns and four hook sizes, but it does bother me a bit that I started a new yarn mid-row and didn’t just start over the row.

close up of striped purple wrap or mini-blanket

A semi-blurry close up of most the stitches.


me wearing the parrot yarn pullover

Just a picture of me standing in the kitchen, drinking coffee, wearing the pullover using the Redheart Unforgettable yarn in parrot. The edges done up in the yarn I dyed, which isn’t really obvious unless you’re close to me. It’s a tiny bit oversized but not to the point of obnoxiousness. Couldn’t decide on something for the bottom so just left it without an edging. It’s still the perfect length.

Also, I have no idea why my hair looks like I have a mullet. It was pulled back into a ponytail.

week 223-223.5

Post is later than usual, out of my own laziness. Also, my laptop has been wonky since self-updating to Windows 10 and will randomly freeze then restart.


This pullover is mostly finished unless I decide to add something to the hem but quite like it as is. I measured it and it’s 18 1/2 inches or about 46 cm. I tried it on when it was about two inches or so shorter, and right above my belly button, which annoyed me, because anything near my belly button is awful, but was surprised at how warm and comfy it feels.

If ever I finally buckled down and learned to write knitting or crochet patterns, this should be one. It’s top down and am actually proud of myself for making this. Also, completely inexperienced in pattern grading in yarn form.

pullover using red heart's unforgettable yarn in parrot


Instead of creating a second tube and putting that in the middle, I was watching the second Kingsman movie and closed the ends to make one tube. (By the way, I prefer the first movie way more, although the Elton John storyline was really funny.)

cowl using lionbrand and some other yarn


Forget when exactly but started two knit pullovers and this is the process of both of them:

The striped one with various yarns.

I’m only on the second stripe out of the five repeating, until I have twenty-five rows, with each row about an inch, or two and an half cm. The red yarn isn’t part of the stripes, as the rows will be green, brown, grey, yellow, then white.

progress on a pullover using different yarns


The purple is the ongoing shawl which I think should just end right now, then use the rest of the purple yarn for something else. Or, make another bit to the shawl, then piece them together.

The self-striping Mandala yarn, on the bottom, is pretty while doing the rib stitch on bigger needles. I messed up on a row but doesn’t really bother me. Plus, if I frog a row, I end up undoing the whole thing.

progress of striped pullover using the lionbrand mandala yarn


Slow process on making the third house. The main building is pretty much done, and just have to make up the roof and the pillow insert.

house three in pieces


Just have to share these. I bought buttons off the Loop Knitting website and they’re so pretty. I bought the last one of the round floral one but wish I could get more. I do want more of the other two. The square ones would be so pretty on a cardigan, while the bird one might go on a convertible scarf, although I haven’t decided what the folk bird one will actually go on, though.

buttons from loop knitting


Okay. Back to reading The Craftsman’s Handbook, which was started today, and the preface isn’t finished yet.