week 183

I don’t usually post recipes or food related stuff anymore but in my experiments in baking gluten-free, dairy free stuff, was kind of impressed with myself for this bit of randomness, although you have to admit chocolate anything works.

I also don’t have exact measurements and literally just threw a lot of things together. These are not the correct measurements.

The leftover sugar and cinnamon from chocolate graham crackers I made (probably  1/3 cup), 2 cups of ground almonds (used sliced almonds from a bag with their skins on and tried to make them into almond flour), 2 tablespoons cornstarch, 3 tablespoons of rice flour, 1/4 cup of cocoa powder, 1/4 teaspoon of baking powder, 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda, cup of frozen cherries cut into fourths, half a bag of shredded sweetened coconut for the dry.

An egg, “buttermilk” (tablespoon of lemon juice and soy milk to make one cup, and let sit for about ten minutes or the half hour I had it sitting around), teaspoon of almond extract, tablespoon of vanilla extract for the wet.

Pretty sure that’s all the ingredients.

Pop them all in cupcake lined tins and bake for 25 minutes at 350F/176C.

They come out looking like this.

It yielded 20 and five of them quickly disappeared after baking two batches.

This is the first batch and I ate the first one before the picture was taken.

chocolate almond coconut cherry cupcakes

I’m tempted to venture out and start baking vegan items but not sure what’s stopping me.


So…. My knitting progress on the two projects from last week.


knit from the top pullover

The knit from the top has grown about four inches.

In case you’re curious how bad at math I am.

My stitches went from CO89 to 135 to 260 to 526 in the last increase. I did the math and was supposed to go from 90 to (90+45=) 135 to (133×2+2=) 268 to (266×2+2=) 534. I like it as it is but I’m not doing more increases or frogging the yarn and starting over.

When I need to bind off for the sleeves, I’m sure it will be less confusing.

Also, I think I need to go up to a longer length circular needle to get a better idea of how long it will be and not guessing with all the scrunched up stitches. I’m currently using a 36inch length circular needle.


progress on purple and black striped cardigan

The striped cardigan is nearing ever closer to where I bind off for the fronts and back. I still need to calculate the sleeves and where the stripes will go.

I like the way it feels and doubling up the yarn was a good idea. I get the feeling I’m going to be happy with this when it’s finished and wear it heaps.

week 182

The yellow cropped cardigan is on hold until I’m able to get one final skein, so other projects can happen for now.

I started this on Monday, because I’ve been wanting to experiment and see if I can do it. I’ve started knitting two years ago, after many years of starting knitting projects and quickly becoming frustrated and giving up, and my projects have always been bottom upwards, and wanted to see if I can do something by knitting from the top.

This is the progress on that.

Using a size 9/5.5mm needle, I cast on 89 stitches then did a couple rows of knit and purl before attaching them together then several rows of knitting.

The row that is just finished I knit a stitch, added an increase, then knit the next stitch, then alternated between the two until the row was finished. I can be awful at math so would have to count by three sometimes to see I an increase wasn’t added unnecessarily.

In case you’re curious. This yarn is Red Heart’s Boutique Unforgettable Yarn in Parrot. For some reason, when it’s knit, it’s paler than when you crochet.

start of a knit down top

I also knit a few more rows of this ongoing striped black and purple cardigan.

I’m at eleven and an half inches, or about 292 mm. The aim is fifteen inches (or 381 mm) before I start marking off areas for the back and front. I can’t stop touching it and doubling up on the yarn was such a good idea. It started off scratchy but the more I work with it, it softens up.

continuation of striped cardigan

week 181

Very short post as it’s just one project.

Not sure why these photos came out blurry but this is the progress on the yellow cropped cardigan I’m currently focused on.

fronts, pockets and back

It’s not obvious here but the pockets were sewn to the fronts, so have one less thing to deal with when sewing everything together.


This is the first sleeve after binding off.

I need more practice on increasing stitches at the sides but thankfully it will be seamed together so not as noticeable.

one sleeve

My terrible note taking. I started a new notebook yesterday.

Haven’t decided if there will be a button band or something else. Need one more skein of Lionbrand’s Hometown to finish the second sleeve and whatever else needs to be done. The leftover bits won’t be enough for anything but an edging.

FYI, if you look at the Lionbrand website, someone saw the back of this project on my Instagram feed and posted it here: http://bit.ly/2n7xDjn.


week 180

The purple and black striped cardigan is taking forever.

Thankfully it will only be in three pieces, the main body and the two sleeves.

purple and black striped continued

I have been wanting to do this for a while and finally figured out what the basic plan will be of this quilt.

There will be nine bigger square with hearts in the middle of each one, then smaller ones around them, then long rows around those.

I need to cut more small squares.

quilt pieces

Over the weekend, I got bored and frogged the yellow shrug in order to make a cropped jacket or cardigan, although really want to make a pullover with huge buttons. I’m considering adding another yellow yarn but not the same weight to whatever this turns into.

yellow cropped jacket

week 177-179

I have to apologise for having such a long absence between posts. Life gets in the way. Some days or weeks, your energy is spent and time just passes and you have no idea where it went.

Two weeks ago, my dad’s on and off problems with chronic bronchitis was spent a couple days of having to take him (one of the two since my brother took him one of the days) and picking him up from the hospital, then my son’s ongoing problem which has finally gotten under control for now.

I rarely talk about my child because I’m not comfortable and purposely omit mentions of him, but I feel it’s necessary to partially explain my absence. He has Autism and feel it would take over the purpose of this blog. He’s also had an ongoing constipation problem that basically resulted in a dermatologist saying he has Jacquet’s Disease. So, I’ve taken him to a Gastroenterologist who is trying out a casein-free, gluten-free high fiber diet on him, which I’ve been pretty good about except for Valentine’s Day. At first,  I felt like I was starving him, but then poured through some of my cookbooks and realised it’s not that bad. Just have to change out some items.  Plus, having a

Made these and surprised he liked them.

lentil and black bean "cookies"

I was aiming for patties but they ended up biscuits slash cookies. I pureed cooked lentils (with onion and spices) and drained black beans together with walnuts, olive oil and water, then added a cup of baking mix and an egg. I overcooked them at 20 minutes but the kid didn’t care and even went so far as to eat the crumbs.

Last week, I’ve slowly returned to making.

Finally, sewn up the pillowcase, which was paused for a while.

pillowcase zipperwhole pillow

odd part by the zipper

Have been a while but the zipper is wonky. After hand-sewing it on then sewing it, it’s finally done. The part that is supposed to be smooth isn’t smooth and quite bumpy.

I’ve spent most of the weekend trying to come up with how the sweater or cardigan will look when it’s finished.  This is the progress on it so far.

striped pullover or cardigan progress

week 176

This post is a bit later than usual as the start to the week was a bit on the crazy side.

I didn’t accomplish much over the past week as it was spent mostly frogging the sweater.

frogged yarn from sweater

This is almost all of the sweater, except the turtleneck part.

I could straighten out the yarn but like it this way. There were a few bits lost by getting frustrated and cutting into the seams but most of it was salvageable.

Want to remake this into another pullover and have been sort of thinking it through.

Like this, that came to mind while listening to the Hottest 200-101 on Triple J. (Seriously, though. No Solange or Angel Olsen from 200-1? Really?)

crocheted idea

Am aware orange isn’t a neutral but was coming up with a visual representation of the idea sketched out.

It won’t be crocheted, either, but just wanted to see a vague version to see if I like the colour pattern. Probably will just use one or two stripes.

pillowcase zipper

This project has been sitting around in the sewing room since some time last year and I finally gotten around to it on Monday, before getting a call that would affect the the rest of that day and Tuesday.

Just need to attach the zipper then resew around the pillowcase and turn it inside out and pop in the pillow then it will actually be done.

Currently, using hot pink coloured thread to attach the zipper before actually sewing it on.

green stripup close of green strip

I started this Tuesday afternoon.

Ch89 so it comes out to 90 stitches, then alternate between a row of sc/dc and a row of mesh (hdc/htc, ch1, skip next stitch then repeat).


I was hoping to have had a lot more projects finished by the end of January but guess not. Instead, I hardly felt motivated to do much.

This month, I want to go back to the web series which took a back seat to other projects.

week 175

circles and yarn

Last week I curated on a RoCur Twitter account and, randomly spent most of last week not tweeting as much for that account and my personal one, because things kept popping up and took up a good chunk of my attention, but the last couple of days, over the weekend, randomly posted clips of a knitted rectangle, and about a five minute tutorial on how to make a simple crochet circle.

I spent a bit of time uploading them to YouTube on Sunday. Don’t think I titled them in order because they uploaded in a different order and I wasn’t quite paying attention.

And, yes, I did post the one where I got overenthusiastic and accidentally stabbed my shoulder with a knitting needle. That would be part 4.

sweater about to be froggedfrogged yarn and circlessecond sleeve about to be frogged

I’m finally getting around to frogging the yarn for this sweater. It was my favourite Banana Republic pullover that everyone who saw me wear it liked the sweater. Too bad the hole that formed in the front would keep getting bigger to the point it was beyond fixable.

So far, as of today, both sleeves have been frogged and the yarn in wee cakes.

This week will probably be mostly spent frogging each piece. The yarn is still wavey but I like it as is. It will be turned into another pullover but I’m not putting cables in it but will be ribbed all over. You know ribbed…for her pleasure. Yeah. It was about time I started making dumb jokes.