weeks 192-193

I’m finding it hard to allot time to sit down and blog. There are so many other things taking up my attention that giving myself a few minutes to put words down on a semi-blank screen.

Dylan’s summer break started last weekend gives me less time to work on stuff here and there.

I need to manage my time better as I’ve only been able to focus on one project.

second stripe of colouradding third stripe of colour

Not sure why the lighting made the first one look like its a different colour. The first picture was taken on the 2nd and the second picture taken earlier today.

As I’ve said before, I’m alternating between the knits and purls. But I have messed up when I switch colours, when I added them on different sides, which will just be another element I’m not too fussed about. I do like the look of doubling up Redheart’s Unforgettable Parrot yarn between blocks of the other yarn, which escapes me at the moment. Vaguely think the colour is cameo but unsure what brand, although I’m guessing Lionbrand.

So, this is the progress so far on the back of this tank or cap sleeve top. Sure once it’s blocked or steamed, the stitches will even out more. It’s curled a bit at the bottom but a wee bit of smoothing out won’t hurt when the front and back are connected.

week 191

I’m temporarily taking a break from finishing the striped cardigan to start something else.

Sunday, two different ideas popped into mind.

One of them was to make a bunch of pillows and they’re all houses, and the whole thing is called The Village. Each pillow comes with a short story of who lives within the house.

I was either texting or talking with a certain someone and he wants to collaborate on this project with me. We haven’t really talked about ideas in depth. They’ll vary in size but so far aren’t bigger than 12 by 12.  I need to remeasure The Knob House.

I’m starting with five then go from there.

After The Knob House, this is the progress so far. I found leftover cut up muslin in the fabric stash basket, and made pillowcases. These are all ironed and stuffing will commence soon. I used to use quilt batting to stuff pillows but they would be flat within a week. Stuffing pillows with leftover fabric and yarn bits until there is no air left is the way to go.

These look like napkins but they’re all empty pillowforms.

ironed pillowcases

The second project was from randomly reaching into the yarn stash. I know more will be used but this is the starting point.

yarn bits

Originally, I had it in my head that I cast on 90 stitches but counted 85 when I knit the third row, so it completely threw off the counting. They didn’t fall in the same rows, because turning the project back and forth were not lining up exact.

The funnier bit was over the weekend where I was counting where stitches go, it took ten minutes to figure out what would be the middle stitch for 45 stitches because I kept getting 27, which is wrong. Also, it took an embarrassing amount of time to figure out my middle stitch would be stitch 46. Half of 90 is 45.

frogged yarn

I reached the tenth row before frogging the whole thing.

project currently

This is my second attempt. I cast on 81 stitches. (Do you count the initial slip knot you put on the needle or don’t? I tend to include it and not think of it as a separate stitch.) Originally, it will be three rows but I messed up and it’s not four rows where the stitch is different.

The first row is all knit, then it will switch between purl and knit certain stitches, then knit and purl certain stitches. Until it gets to the length I like, it will go back and forth between the last two.

I broke it down, so the third row and all the odd rows will be purl until you get to stitches 21-23, 31-33, 48-50, and 58-60. Hopefully my math skills don’t fail me for a third time. For the even rows, it’s the reverse by knitting most of it and purling those stitches.

week 188-190

I wish I had a valid reason for neglecting this blog but I’ve been extremely forgetful and, in my mind, have been updating it more than I actually have. Is there a term for that?

Haven’t really done much work because I’m finding I’m easily distracted by the smallest things. And, the only project I’ve managed to fit into my time is the striped sweater.

I am really impatient so decided putting it the right way wasn’t going to be fast enough for me.

It went from this:

sleeves attached the first way

To this:

cardigan without single/double crochet

cardigan with sleeves reattached

The sleeves are weirdly shaped because I started increasing at the sides at the wrong row but don’t mind them looking like they were inspired by jodhpurs.

Also, oddly enough the stripes do line up, just not the exact sleeve and main body ones, but not a big deal.

I single/double crocheted the inner part and want to knit something more for the inside. Not sure if it’ll just be a collar. The temptation to make it a pullover is still hovering over the project. I’ve made enough open cardigans lately, that a slightly oversized jumper would be nice. If this doesn’t become a jumper, the next wearable, if it’s not something like a tank top or vest, will definitely be one.

week 188

I’m pretty sure I’ve spent more time ill this month than what it normal for myself for a whole year. It slows things down because you spend more time trying to rest and, in my case, asleep because of the cold medicine.

I managed to finish one sleeve of the striped purple and black cardigan, and wasn’t expecting it to be a bit wonky. The bottom two stripes don’t match up but didn’t expect them to line up, since the sleeves are five inches shorter than the main body.

first sleeve

I didn’t quite calculate the sleeve and just winged it, so the curve is a bit bigger than the hole but it’s unlikely it’ll be bugging me that much when I sew the seams on everything, after finishing the second sleeve.

sleeve and body next to each other

I’ll probably have to put something on the top edge, but since I made everything in garter stitch, it isn’t curling or needs that much blocking. The only thing that bugs me is that the fronts are curved, but I have enough yarn to do something about it.

Hopefully, this project will be finished soon, but get the feeling I might have to make a lining for it so it’s easier to slip on and off, and not be too scratchy.

This is the progress on the second sleeve, by the way.

second sleeve and yarn

I’m a bit worried that I will end up playing yarn chicken with the lighter yarn, and have actually looked and can’t seem to locate more of the Simonetta in that colour online. I’ve been able to find every colour but that one, which is annoying.

week 186-187

The fun thing about being sick, and having that time of the month coincide with being sick, is that you have absolutely no energy, which is why there wasn’t a post last week.

I literally spent the first two days of last week doing nothing but lying down. AFTER having a cold two weeks ago that was mild, that I assumed was going away. Actually, last Monday I spent about twenty hours asleep.

Basically, when you have a young child you tend to transfer your colds and other fun stuff back and forth. The wee one still has a cough and have been chasing after him with a tissue because he thinks it’s funny to have massive amounts of snot hanging out of his nose. No one tells you having a kid involves a lot of moments where you are completely grossed out but your love for them never wavers. You just clean them then move on.


Two weeks ago, I finished the cropped yellow cardigan.

This is what it looked like without adding the edging.

yellow cropped cardigan (before collar)

Then, with the edging all around.

I prefer this to the shrug it was before, but it’s been too warm for heavy clothing, so haven’t had a chance to wear it yet. yellow cropped cardigan (after collar)


I’ve got it in my head that I want a dress and was going through my patterns and have been wanting to combine these two. I have no tracing paper or anything that I can draw the pieces onto so I can fiddle with them. By the way, it’s weird when you look up a pattern and it comes up with a different number. I didn’t realise that happens when companies will split up a pattern according to the sizes you get but it makes a little sense, when they draw up the pieces. Depending on how many are in a pattern.

back of pattern envelopes


I am making slow progress on the knit from the top down pullover, but I wasn’t able to try it on until I put the whole project on bigger length needles. I moved it from 9/5.5mm on 32 inches/80cm to 10.5/6.5mm on 48 inches/122cm. The sleeves are ruffled so will definitely add to them, but the neckline seems a bit wide so will add to that also.

Also, it looks like I will need at least one more skein of yarn and was hoping to get one more but I’m in no rush to finish this.

top down progress


There is also this cardigan. This is the progress so far on the first sleeve. I plan on making it 20 inches/51cm, and after making the second black stripe, I progressively made the sleeve wider but adding two extra stitches on about every row, going from 32 to 50. The second sleeve will be much neater, I’m hoping.

first sleeve progress

week 185

I promised myself I’d post every Wednesday but yesterday was my birthday so I pushed it back a day.


I’ve done quite a bit of knitting over the past week.

I finally finished the body of the striped purple and black (or is the yarn charcoal?) last week.

body of the striped cardigan from the front

the inside of the body of the cardigan

And just began the sleeves. Still trying to figure out the length which will determine the number of dark stripes.

start of the first sleeve


I finally bought more yarn yesterday to finish the yellow cropped cardigan.

Finished the second sleeve today.


Have absolutely no clue why the second sleeve’s increases are smoother. Maybe because I did them in the same rows instead of one on the knit side and one on the purl side?

the yellow cardigan, without sides seamed

I can see myself at the finish line before the weekend is over.

One of the sides are seamed. Tomorrow, I’ll finish the other side. I have a bit leftover and will maybe put on an edging at the bottom, if I don’t just single/double crochet the whole thing.

I measured and it’s 16 inches (40.64cm) from top to bottom. Didn’t measure side to side.


Saturday, I was in a bad mood and reupholstered the seat of the chair I sit on at this desk. The fabric cover had blue paint and other stains on it and the padding was peeking out in front. I used the hammer and flat head screwdriver, then pliers method of extracting all the staples. I should have bought a seat cushion as I used a bit of quilt batting and it’s not cushioned too much but it’s still comfortable.

And, yes, I didn’t iron the fabric but eh.

I didn’t do that great of a job using the staple gun. Hence no pictures of under the seat, after screwing it back on.

All the more convinced I should take up painting again so I can get better using one while making canvas surfaces.

gross old seatvinyl blue fabricfinished chair

week 184

fabric pieces

It didn’t occur to me at the time I needed to cut up the hearts, also.

The smaller heart will be in the middle square.

fabric pieces in a pile

Nothing is sewn together yet and need to cut more of the smaller pieces for this quilt.

I calculated there are nine huge squares with hearts in the middle, then twenty eight smaller squares then four for the border. The bigger pieces are going to be a mishmash for the back. Not actually sure if all of it will be for one project.


I only worked on that today.

I’ve mainly been focused on knitting.

On the purple and black open cardigan.

I prefer this to the dress originally made with the yarn. Also, doubling up was a good idea because it’s much more plush and soft.

before weaving in endsprogress until today

Wasn’t expecting both pictures to come out blurry.

The first picture was before I wove in the ends on both sides and may have woven in the ends on the outside. Ooops.

The second is the progress made on it until earlier today.

I had so many fails the past three days where I ended up getting my needles woven into the fabric so ended up popping the middle part onto a different circular needle, then was able to slide out one end of the needle.

After knitting the second front, I had to use a spare straight and stitch holders to get the middle back onto the ones I’m using. Now I understand why some people have duplicate needles. Also, I need size 10/6.00mm needles because the ones I had to use were 8/5.0mm, which sucks because I’m using the 9/5.50mm on the top down shirt. The project uses 11/8.00mm.

After the main body is done, I have sleeves to do, then want to seam the lower part, so when you lift your arm you have a line.

I also bound off sooner when I made the first front and it’s nine inches, not ten like I planned.  Or, 228.6mm, instead of 254mm, if you’re so inclined.